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Virtual Naturopathic Consults

Naturopathic consults focus on uncovering the root cause of your health issues. Naturopathic Medicine’s primary aim is to foster long-term wellness and prevent illness. Naturopathic Doctors collaborate closely with patients to recognize and overcome health barriers, offering guidance across various wellness domains. 

Dr. Abirna is dedicated to addressing the underlying causes of your health concerns. She employs a diverse range of natural therapies, such as herbal medicine, nutrition, lifestyle counselling, and physical therapies, to provide comprehensive care. Through nurturing a patient-provider partnership, Dr. Abirna empowers individuals to engage actively in their healthcare journey. 

What can you Expect?

Virtual Visits

Dr. Abirna offers virtual options for appointments. This allows accessibility to patients all across Ontario.


Services Offered

Nutritional Planning: Offering personalized dietary advice tailored to help you achieve your goals.

Herbal Medicine: Utilizing appropriate supplementation to enhance bodily functions.

Supplementation: Customized supplements prescribed based on individual need and condition.

Conditions Treated

Dr. Abirna specializes in addressing a broad spectrum of health conditions, encompassing chronic diseases, fertility challenges, digestive issues, mental health concerns, skin conditions, autoimmune disorders, stress management, weight loss, and beyond.

Naturopathic medicine can serve as an adjunct or complement to conventional medical approaches.

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